Obsidian Fun Facts

Obsidian is a fun little rock. At one time not that long ago, obsidian was fast-moving, fast cooling lava.
A little slower on the cooling, it would have been turned into rhyolite. Slower still it would be Basalt.
As it is we have a material known as 'mineraloid'.
While obsidian is found worldwide; it is only found in the newer regions of the landmasses because of its tendency to self destruct after a few million years.
So if you buy an obsidian pendant for your mother-in-law; do not expect it to last her lifetime. Also, do not expect to find obsidian east of the Mississippi River in the continental US. Again, the age thing.
Black and gray are the colors of the vast majority of obsidian you may find. In a few areas of the world, you may be lucky enough to find reddish brown shades. (Mahogony.)
Fewer areas still; rainbow, sheen, fire, velvet, and patterned. (Dream catcher, ancestor, leopard, ghost, spiderweb and dragon heart.
The fire obsidian is in Oregon.
Davies Creek, California is known for commercial-grade mahogany and rainbow.
For the rare and supreme qualities come to us.